Heward Wilkinson – EAP Honorary Membership & Farewell from EAP

At the EAP Board meetings in Vienna on February 14th and 15th, 2014 Heward Wilkinson retired from his functions within the EAP. After more than 20 years being active in the association, Heward felt it was time to say good-bye.

Heward was one of the few members of the EAP Board who represented both a National Umbrella Organisation (UKCP) and a European-wide Awarding Organisation (European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy). For this reason, during his representation Heward participated in various EAP Committees and acquired a broad knowledge of EAP procedures and policies. Heward’s precise thinking, his wisdom, his breadth of knowledge of psychotherapy and his skill with language, meant that his contributions in difficult or complex discussions, were hugely influential.

The EAP will sorely miss his expertise and his enthusiasm. To honour his achievements for the EAP, the Board unanimously agreed to grant Honorary Membership to him.

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