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Survey on the Perception of Core Therapeutic Competencies

Dear Colleague,

We invite you to participate in this research project aimed at understanding how the perception of basic therapeutic competencies changes at different stages of professional development.

The research is conducted by the Department of Psychology at the University of Turin (scientific head Prof. Michele Settanni) and is sponsored by CNSP - Coordinamento Nazionale Scuole di Psicoterapia, FIAP - Federazione Italiana Associazioni di Psicoterapia, and SIPSIC - Società Italiana di Psicoterapia.

By completing this brief online questionnaire, you will contribute to the research and, ultimately, receive personalized feedback on your perceived competence levels in various key areas of clinical work.

The questionnaire is intended for licensed psychologists, trainee psychotherapists, and specialized psychotherapists.

Participation is voluntary, anonymity will be guaranteed, and the data collected will be processed in compliance with the currently applicable privacy laws.

Before proceeding, please consult the research information sheet, available here:
Research Information Sheet

We thank you for your collaboration and remain available for any clarification or further information:

By proceeding with the completion of the questionnaire, I declare that I have read and fully understood the information sheet and have given my informed consent to participate.


By proceeding with the completion of the questionnaire, I declare:

  • to be of legal age;
  • to have been informed about the purposes and objectives of the research in question;
  • to have received satisfactory assurances about the confidentiality of the information collected;
  • to be aware that I can withdraw at any stage of the study;
  • to give my consent to my participation in this research.